Sisterhood of the Traveling Breeches: EQUO Launches New Breeches with Purpose

If you’re looking for fashionable, comfortable equestrian clothing that can make a difference, then EQUO needs to be on your radar. Known for their breathable farm to fashion riding leggings, tailored sunshirts and more, EQUO is releasing their first ever competition breeches on February 14th. JN spoke with EQUO owner and founder, Anna Dulin, about the good EQUO aims to do in the industry with the release of their new riding apparel, and how you as the consumer can change a life.

EQUO: Charitable Beginnings

With the release of their new competition breeches fast approaching, Anna knew she wanted to do more than just sell product: she wanted to help others. After all, EQUO was built by a horse lover, for horse lovers and Anna knew this platform would allow her to make positive changes in the industry. “We have an entire division of our company that caters to charity work,” she shared. “It is an integral part of our company.” EQUO’s website best describes the purpose and passion behind the mission of their EQUO Fund:

“Because we have a lifelong passion and respect for these amazing athletes – without whom our sport would not be possible – we recognize our obligation not only to the riders, but to our teammates.

The EQUO Fund was created as a way to protect and aid those teammates that find themselves in situations of neglect or need. A portion of each EQUO sale is directed to The EQUO Fund, where our resources are distributed to the organizations that provide aid to ensure that each and every teammate has the opportunity to live a long, healthy, safe and fulfilling life.”

Even with the establishment of their EQUO Fund in place, Anna knew she wanted to use the launch of their new competition breeches as a platform to assist others. “We are using this as an opportunity to make riding more accessible for others,” Anna shared with JN. “There are youth groups that are hurting for equipment and apparel for kids to ride in and we knew we could make a difference.”

Sisterhood of the Traveling Breeches

After doing their research, EQUO is partnering with multiple organizations that could benefit from the donation of gently used children’s, juniors, and adult breeches for their riding programs. “We are still open to establishing partnerships with other charities that may need these resources,” Anna included. “If there is a need, we want to help.”

And you can play your part as well. By participating in their launch offer you can receive a pair of their competition breeches in either Navy Pier, Tryon Tan, or World White for 50% off of retail price. All you have to do is fill out the form online and EQUO will provide you with a 50% off discount code, good for one pair of breeches. When your new EQUO breeches arrive, they will be accompanied with a prepaid shipping label. Simply ship back a pair of gently used breeches with the prepaid label so EQUO can help share the love.

“It’s all based on the honor system,” shared Anna. “We have everything set up to be easy for the consumer. All of the breeches we receive will be distributed to our partnered organizations to allow for these youth groups to have the apparel needed to enjoy riding, just like we do!”

The EQUO Breech

The carefully designed breeches are a nylon based fabric with a little bit of spandex weaved in to give an appropriate amount of stretch while riding. You can ride without worries thanks to their custom designed gripped waistband that keep your breeches from shuffling around while you are in the saddle. To top it all off a sock bottom allows for a comfortable fit inside your tall boots.

Photo provided by EQUO.

Currently offered in three colors, the company plans to expand their color line in the future and offer a unique yet stylish color palette. The new EQUO breeches retail at $220 a pair, but you can participate in their launch offer to get these fashion forward breeches for just $110, all while helping out young riders all across the country.

Head on over to EQUO’s website now to fill out the no commitment, launch offer form and receive your discount code. Ordering can begin on February 14th and the offer will be available for first time buyers for quite some time. “We are passionate about this,” Anna concluded, “We want to make a difference in these kids lives.”