#45 World Ranked Luciana Diniz of Portugal announced this week that she discovered her fall at the Global Champions Tour was a little more serious than previously thought. And like any proper negligent equestrian who pampers their horse and grits their teeth through their own pain for days, Luciana disovered the fracture after getting an x-ray from the vet!


So, here I am, with a broken foot. The doctor just confirmed today, what my horse's vet told me yesterday when he did a X-rays of my foot. Just like Winny some years ago. I'm stuck at home, and Winny can't come to the house and coach me, exhort me, play me songs on his phone, the way I did when his foot was broken. It's forcing me to STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. And discover how I move on from here. GO. I am enjoying every moment as it comes and my new projects are getting more attention now 🍀 // Bom, agora quem quebrou o pé fui eu. Faz alguns anos foi o Winny. Ele não poderá vir me ver em casa e botar musicas para me curar e fazer brincadeiras como eu fiz para ele quando quebrou seu pé. Mas estou adorando esse momento para parar, olhar e refletir como vou seguir. Meus novos projetos estavam aguardando meu tempo e agora os tem 🍀 Desfruto de cada fase como ela vem.

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While she is having to take some time off from riding and the circuit to give her foot time to recover, Luciana expects to be back at the top in time for the finale of the Global Champions Tour in Doha, Qatar at the beginning of November.

Luciana is a former series winner of the Global Champions Tour, and recently represented Portugal in the Rio Olympic Games. In fact, she says she plans to use some of her downtime to record the details of her Olympic journey for her fans and posterity.

We hope you make a full and speedy recovery, Luc!