Horseware Ireland has released another segment for their ongoing series about world class riders, Making a Champion. In this chapter, they interview Laura Kraut, 2016 Rio Olympics reserve rider for team USA and Olympic team gold medalist at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Laura is as hard-working and competitive as they come, focusing every day of her life on the next nations cup, the next five-star, the next world championship.

Laura Kraut’s current string of five-star competitive horses includes:

  • Zeremonie –  A 9-year-old flea-bitten gray Holsteiner mare (her Rio reserve mount)
  • Nouvelle – A brown 12-year-old Dutch mare
  • Bialda – A chestnut 10-year-old Dutch mare
  • Confu – A gray 9-year-old Holsteiner gelding
  • Cavalia – A gray 9-year-old Dutch mare
  • Constable II – A chestnut 9-year-old Dutch gelding
  • Cedric – A gray Holsteiner gelding who was her Beijing horse and whom she competed with earlier this year, but at 18 is finally starting to slow down a little!

You can learn more about Laura Kraut at her website or follow her on Facebook.

Go Laura, and go jumping.