Watch: Laura Kraut’s Winning Round at FEI Jumping World Cup NAL, Presented by Back Gate

International show jumper Laura Kraut had a dreadful fall this past weekend and was knocked unconscious competing on Jakarta in Kronenberg, the Netherlands.  The show was momentarily paused, and screens were placed around her as medical personnel rushed to assist.  She was taken to a hospital via ambulance and sustained facial and wrist injuries.  She did regain consciousness.  The good news is that Laura was ultimately relatively unscathed with a broken nose and a concussion; she was released from the hospital the morning following the accident.

Let’s send Laura positive thoughts for a speedy recovery by marveling at one of her most fabulous rounds: when she won the FEI Jumping World Cup NAL in Washington, DC, aboard Fleurette.

Get well quickly, Laura!  You’ll be Jumping again soon!

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