Miami isn’t the Only Beach Show: Check Out the Copa Hípica de Playa 2017

Everything just seems like more fun in Mexico. The clothes, the tequila, the food, and apparently the horse shows. If you can enjoy all of them at once, even better! (Maybe not the horses and the tequila. But everything else.)

Each year the Club Hipico Briones hosts an epic beachy horse show on the natural, packed sand of the Fiesta Inn on the beaches of Veracruz, Mexico; just a few hours east of Mexico City on the Gulf. You get the full range of ocean emotions: foggy mornings, shiny afternoons, random storms and spectacular footing.

In addition to getting an incredible, unique atmosphere for showing your horses, all the barns like to take their mounts out for some ocean conditioning and cold saltwater therapy. It looks just dreamy!

Posted by Daniela Moguel on Friday, June 30, 2017

Daniela Moguel and fiance Zully Castrejon own and operate a facility in Mexico City and love to bring their students down to the beach show. Even the trainers get to shake off the normal pressures of high level competition and formality and let their hair down a little!

Any show where you get to count strides in your bathing suit is alright by me! Photo courtesy of Daniela Moguel.

See more from this oceanside show below, and go jumping!

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