Midwest Horsemen United Fund Launches

A new initiative has just launched in the Midwest of the US to help with supplies and financial assistance for members of the equine community in need.  A letter from the Midwest Horsemen United Fund was released on April 17.

Welcome to Midwest Horsemen United Fund

A Place for Horsemen to Unite

Let’s start with a little background. On Monday April 6, 2020, Janet Sassmannshausen and Tina Judge Boyle initiated a conference call among Midwest equine professionals and barn owners. As the call progressed one thing became clear – there are a wide variety of unique business models in our equine community. It was discovered that the vast majority agree a united and ethical approach within our industry to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic is paramount. Most importantly, the call revealed immediate needs within our equine community.

As a result of the call, the Midwest Horseman United Fund was born to help with educational and financial assistance for immediate and in the future long-term needs of Midwest equine-related businesses and employees at every level from self-care to full-service, from English to Western, from braiders, grooms and ring crew to the judges booth, from the in-gate to the back-gate, from the stable hand to the aspiring Olympian and everyone in between…we are all united by our love of horses and the people who make our equestrian lives tick. Each of us takes great pride in seeing our industry thrive, and it’s going to take a herd mentality and perseverance to outlast COVID-19 – but we’ve got this!

The Midwest has desperately needed a Horseman’s Fund to protect and serve our people and our horses for years and now is the time for horse lovers to unite in the solution. Every contribution will help to fulfill immediate, future, and emergency needs of our friends and family right here in the Heartland.

In its infancy, the fund will connect those who are in immediate need of essentials such as hay, grain, shavings, mandatory vet and farrier care, rent and groceries with those who have resources to help

Plans for growth within the year include 501(c)3 Not for Profit Status. Once short-term needs are met the Midwest Horseman United Fund will establish long-term programs that build stability for our industry. Specifically, working with each unique situation to strengthen budgeting skills as well as maintain and sustain long term contingency plans for each person or business.

Any remaining resources will be used for future emergencies, health crisis or industry needs.

If you are in immediate need or want to nominate someone who could use a leg up please reach out CONFIDENTIALLY to MidwestHUF@gmail.com.  The MHUF will review needs and advocate for assistance as quickly as possible.  Those interested in offering supplies or financial assistance are also encouraged to email MidwestHUF@gmail.com so we can match you with a specific need.

For direct communications, questions, or to join in helping the MHUF please reach out to:

  • Janet Sassmannshausen (847) 682-6805
  • Tina Judge Boyle (715) 499-2200
  • Dundee Bartlett (847) 452-1789
  • Courtney Hayden-Fromm [Wisconsin] (414) 688-8888

Our community is as healthy as a horse! Please choose to be a part of the solution by communicating and contributing. Let’s work together to ensure all of our people and their horses ride out every hardship as happy and healthy as possible.



About the Midwest Horsemen United Fund

The Midwest Horseman United Fund is ready and available to take requests for essential needs of Midwest horses, horsemen and women from any discipline who are in need of “a leg up” as a result of COVID-19. To learn more, visit the Fund’s Facebook page.