The Sport Horse Research Foundation is a public charity that seeks to “to advance, and direct scientific research and education to enhance the health, athletic potential, and career longevity of sport horses,” according to their website: The Foundation was established and is run by veterinarians and researchers who serve as FEI and Team vets, who ride and compete themselves, and who are deeply interested in deepening our knowledge about the health, wellbeing, and career longevity of elite sport horses.

Check out their latest work on equine osteoarthritis in the neck, a radiographic survey of show jumpers, and the potential benefits of pre-cooling horses before exercise. The Foundation has laid out an ambitious research agenda, including questions about the effect of competition stabling on stress levels, how variation in time spent training vs. in the paddock produces different outcomes, and a host of other important enquiries. Fair warning, though: you can easily fall down the rabbit hole once you start clicking! There is a wealth of fascinating information available, with more to come as the work proceeds.


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