New Style Obsession: MNR Belts

Style Alert: You need this belt. I need this belt. Hillary Clinton needs this belt. We all getting belts.

“Everyone is getting a BEEEEEeeeeeelt!!!”

María Nuño de la Rosa has designed a killer line of leather belts and quality buckles and launched her new company, MNR Belts. The leather has been designed to hold up to the rigors of competition, but are also slim and delicate enough to be worn as an incredibly stylish wrist cuff. Each belt is hand sewn by Spanish saddle makers. We are in love!

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Currently she has buckles which feature a a clever jumping fence, and a second design for the dressage crowd featuring a top hat. She offers options in red, pale blue and black, and she gives JN an exclusive inside tip that she’ll soon be offering them in reversible pink and black leather, as well! You can also choose between silver and gold in either buckle style.

Check out Maria’s Facebook Page and Instagram for more details, and Go Jumping!