New Year, Improved You: Setting Attainable Goals for 2020

A new year is a great time to set new goals. This year, you not only get a twelve-month reset, you get a whole new decade! I encourage you to use 2020 to push yourself to be your very best equestrian you.

The most common mistake riders make when setting a new year’s resolution is setting unattainable goals. It is of utmost importance that your goals are realistic. Without a glimpse of realism, all motivation will be lost. Set yourself up for success with the following tips!

Photo by Alissa King / JN

1) Consider where you are starting

To recognize what you have yet to accomplish, you must first understand where you have come from. Recognize what you are currently working on. Are you leaning to two-point? Are you practicing rollbacks? Or are you moving up to a new height?

Regardless of your current level, there are attainable goals for everyone. Some excellent goals for striving riders are:

  • Enter your first horse show
  • Conquer a new height
  • Earn a year-end ribbon with your state organization

2) Does my goal suit my horse?

Success in riding relies on two teammates working together to accomplish goals. With this in mind, it is critical that your new goals be attainable for your partner as well. When considering your goals, don’t forget about your teammate’s strengths, skills and limitations. While your goal may be to go to the Olympics, your horse may be a 2’6” school-master, with dreams of a green field and a pasture-puff lifestyle. While it is important to not let your dreams be hindered by your current situation, be considerate of your partner, and remember, you are not limited to one resolution. Reach for the Olympics!

3) What do I need to accomplish my goals?

Success in the horse world really does take a village. It is essential you communicate your goals with your entire support team.  Success as an equestrian is not linear and is a path filled with highs are lows. Celebrations and setbacks are best with your support team by your side, so communicate your 2020 goals with your trainer, family, farrier and vet for best results!

Get riding, and on to 2020!