On Opening Day, Warm Memories of Devon Horse Show

Managing Editor of our sister site Horse Nation and JN contributor Kristen Kovatch has some incredible childhood memories of the iconic Devon Horse Show, and includes the friendly reminder that thanks to the miracles of the Internetz, we can all get our own little piece of the fun!  


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Growing up in southeastern Pennsylvania, going to the Devon Horse Show was a rite of passage: my barn buddies and I spent many afternoons and evenings in late spring leaning on the rail of the famous blue Dixon Oval (“where champions meet”) sucking on the ubiquitous lemon sticks and oohing and aahing over hunters, equitation and jumpers, but also gaited horses, driving and sidesaddle. Devon is famous for this meeting of disciplines, being the oldest and largest outdoor multiple-breed show in the United States.

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Unfortunately, my adult life has taken me far from Main Line, Pennsylvania, and it’s been years since I’ve strolled the shopping tents, admired the four-in-hand teams or packed to the rail for Grand Prix night. Fortunately for me and all of the other horse show fans who won’t make it to the Philadelphia suburb this spring, the USEF Network will be live-streaming all of the Devon Horse Show in its entirety starting tomorrow, May 26!

All you have to do is go to this link and you can open up the stream to watch every class from both rings live.

The Devon Horse Show has run since 1896, first as a one-day show and then developing into a fundraiser for Bryn Mawr Hospital over ten days. As the Philadelphia suburb of Main Line grew up around the showgrounds, the show has nevertheless maintained its old country-fair feel while maintaining a level of professionalism and prestige that draws competitors from all corners of the United States.

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Go Jumping.