Postcard from ESP May Shows, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

When I logged onto my computer in the morning yesterday to check the news, I wasn’t quite sure what I would find.  Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) had kicked off its May schooling shows and finished them up on May 31, complete with new COVID-19 safety protocol.  These shows were truly the first competitions that have kicked off in the US, so if any of the protocol fell through, it could have been a “make or break” situation for our sport.

However, the shows were a resounding success, with 885 horses entered over two weeks!  We teamed up with Kentucky Performance Products to bring you a look at how the action went down. Let’s go!

This horse is glad to be back in the ring, no doubt!

All about this caption below…the mask hides your face, leading to greater attractiveness.

Smiles all around.

It has been a long road back to the ring, but we’ve made it.  We’ll continue to make it together.

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It’s been a long road back.

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Go Jumping!

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