Postcard from HITS Culpeper Constitution Classic, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

I’ve only been to HITS Culpeper’s show grounds at Commonwealth Park in Virginia once, many years ago — but I still remember it as being such a nice place to show.  The environment was friendly, it wasn’t a high pressure in-your-face atmosphere, and the permanent stalls were a huge plus.  I also loved that there were trees!  Shade!  I have shown at places where there was literally no shade, and it was a huge bummer to have to go to the ring.  My horse was like…really?!  Check out these photos of horses and riders enjoying their time showing at HITS Culpeper at this past week’s Constitution Classic — this is the place to be!

Always an amazing feeling when you move up!

The caption on this photo… eating > courses.

Cutest pony duo 🙂

This horse is clearly very photogenic.

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hello simba!😍

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It’s OK, I’ve almost gone into the ring with the wrong number, let alone it falling off.

Go Jumping!

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