Postcard from Ponyland

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. Here are a few of our favorite portraits of pint-sized equines and their people this fall.

#flashbackfriday to that sick rainbow and my wonderful pony. Lately I've been tripping really hard over selling him. Elmo gave me the world. He gave me the determination to get around a course no matter what. He gave me a seat so solid I haven't fallen in 3 years (I'm jinxing it now because it's about time). He gave me the 2011 NIHJA Pony Hunter championship. He gave me a friend, a partner, and a lifelong dream of going farther. I visited him yesterday and my heart broke. He was nickering until I was inside his stall and gave me endless attention. He is no longer the show pony in this photo. He is a somewhat spooky schoolmaster with a foot long mane and a beard so thick I got my fingers lost in it. He is the love of my childhood and my angel in disguise. My heart breaks typing this out because I feel like I am abandoning him, though I know that it is best for him. He will continue his job of teaching the lil ones the basics (and the good ones not to be afraid of a cheap stop). You just have to hold his hand until he takes the lead. I discredit anyone who has ever called him naughty or has formed a similar opinion of him. They simply didn't give him what he needs. He saved my life time and time again and also put me in a sticky situation or two, but we were always working together. I love my Tickle Me Elmo. He truly is the pony of a lifetime. #ponyhunter #mylove

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~12hh of pure pony adorableness💕 #ponies #zoomer #katherinegirl #nevertoobig #smallpony #ponyhunter #adorable

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Getting in the spirit! Halloween bows, available online. Seen here by @renae_coates

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Pie'sl new friend Charley #neighbors #goodhunters #ponyhunters

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