Postcard from Ponyland

Nowhere is the competition fiercer (or cuter!) than the pony ring.

In addition to the main attraction — ponies, of course — this week’s edition of “Postcard from the Pony Ring” features what may be the world’s cutest Corgi puppy, a mini pony and the world’s youngest high-rolling horsey art collector. Squee!

Always thank your pony??

A photo posted by Kerry ❤️ (@kerrywhitephotography) on

“Just go out there and do your best. You’re more competent and capable than you feel.” Unknown?? A photo posted by Kerry ❤️ (@kerrywhitephotography) on

When your child bids in the silent auction #whja banquet 2016

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PONIES!!!! Mediums are currently in the ring at @hitshorseshows Thermal ! #poniesofhitsthermal #Ring5 #hitsthermal

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Chasing after miniature ponies is my cardio ?? A photo posted by JLR (@jlrequinephotography) on

Shiloh Roseboom and CE Providence at @hitshorseshows #hitsthermal ☀️

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Go Jumping.