Postcard from Split Rock Jumping Tour: Columbus International I CSI2*, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Split Rock Jumping Tour is ON again, this time at Brave Horse Equestrian Center in Ohio.  SRJT shows are some of the most enriching horse show experiences out there, from the difficult courses (no “gimmes” here!) to the clean facilities and excellent footing.  The Columbus International I CSI2* just wrapped up, and it’s on to the Columbus International II starting September 30.  Scroll on for adventure (or just, really shiny horses).

Jessica Mendoza just keeps killing it at every SRJT class she enters!

Awww 🙂

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Did you hug your horse today? 🥰🥰

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Horse show dog patrol.

If your horse isn’t available for your class, just grab your dog.

Respect!  It’s hard to keep a grey clean, AND win Best Turned Out Award on top of that!

No. No jog today. Back to my stall, kthxbye.

Out of every group of horses, there’s always that one…

Stirrups…just unnecessary decorations on your saddle.

Even her horse looks proud of this round!

No horse? All you need is a cute accessory.  All set.

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@splitrockjumpingtour feat. itty bitty pony

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Go Jumping!

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Not sure which horse supplement best meets your horse’s needs? Kentucky Performance Products, LLC is here to help. Call 859-873-2974 or visit