Postcard from Tryon Summer 3: Pony Edition, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) has an incredible reputation for hosting horse shows that run smoothly, with fantastic prizes, and competitors are now raving about the newly re-engineered ultra footing.  Not to mention, there’s something for everyone here to enjoy, from good food to a round of golf.  That “everyone” also includes…ponies!  Ponies aren’t just small packages of cuteness — they’re also handy, athletic, and can clean up incredibly well to paint a perfect show picture for petite riders.  Check out these ponies doing their thing at Tryon thanks to Kentucky Performance Products.

Total A+ for turnout!

This pony has the most amazing forelock.

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We love this pony’s name, “Blue’s Clues!”

Perfect braids.

Game faces for both pony and rider.  Check out this pony’s awesome coloring, too.

Not ponies, but corgis are shorter and cute, so very similar!

Go Jumping! See you at Tryon Summer 4!

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