Postcard from YUP Another Camp Encore Grand Prix at Fox Lea Farm

Fox Lea Farm is a privately owned, nationally recognized horse show facility located in Venice, Florida.  Fox Lea Farm hosts various horse shows throughout the year that attract visitors from all over North America, competing from Grass Roots to Grand Prix in a safe, family- and horse-friendly environment.  Exhibitors can enjoy world-class restaurants, shopping, and cultural activities, all just minutes from some of the best beaches in the country.

The final competition week of the Camp Fox Lea Show Series (aptly named because of fun additional summer camp classes like “Ride a Buck” and costumes) took place July 30 – August 2.  Check out the Grand Prix action captured by Dominique Gonzalez that rounded out the week!

Samuel Parot with Dubai rocking that open inside rein that would help them win!

This horse’s mane is hair #goals.

When I got my new horse, I quickly learned that she likes to puff herself up like a balloon.  Girth tightening is very important.

Loving the colors here! Blue jacket, blue stirrups, blue jump.

Couldn’t resist one more shot of the color coordination.

This horse’s form is on point.  Maybe a hunter derby double?

A quiet moment behind the scenes.

Great eq on the rider’s side, and wow — competing in a halter!

Final Class Results:

Number-Horse Name-Rider-Owner-Trainer-Prize Money

  1. 1674-Dubai-Samuel Parot-Parot Horses LLC-Samuel Parot-$7,500.00
  2. 549-Jack the Ripper 111-Fabio Costa-Bonne Chance Farm-Hercules Gadelha-$5,500.00
  3. 504-Diamant’s Legacy-Jordan Petersen-Derek Petersen-Derek Petersen-$3,250.00
  4. 321-Talk’s Cheap-Stephanie Frey-Stephanie Frey-Stephanie Frey-$2,000.00
  5. 1081-Tycoon D’Argencies-Jenna Friedman-Shai Tertner-Tyler Lopez-$1,500.00
  6. 1398-Chaco Bumpy-Luis Pedro Biraben-Miguel Madero-Luis Pedro Biraben-$1,250.00
  7. 1632-Lady Roxy Equiprime-Joao Eduardo Ferreira de Carvalho-Equiprime US LLC-Joao Eduardo Ferreira de Carvalho-$1,000.00
  8. 1579-Dutchess Carola-Morgan Ashby-Morgan Ashby-Allen Nabors-$750.00
  9. 1386-Fabio-Savannah Unger-Savannah Show Stables LLC-Savannah Unger-$750.00
  10. 533-Clueso 5-Hercules Gadelha-Bonne Chance Farm-Hercules Gadelha-$500.00

Go Jumping!

All photos by Dominique Gonzalez.