Product Review: Draper Equine Therapies Polo Wraps

A way to differentiate a polo wrap from brand to brand can be rough, as most seen are identical to the last. But this is where the polo wraps from Draper Equine Therapies shines through. Their unique use of Celliant® offers an avenue to therapeutic exercise – which ultimately proved to be a whole new level of care for my horses.

Celliant® allows for a recycling and conversion of the horse’s body heat into infrared energy. Using the proprietary fibers loaded with a mix of thermo-reactive minerals it works together to give the body an energy boost.

Since the Celliant® technology is able to change the wave length of light it can be absorbed faster to target specific areas. According to Draper and the FDA (who have approved this technology as a medical device) this combination of infrared heat and targeted light increases blood flow to release stiff muscles and joints, as well as aiding soreness. Now it was time to put the product to the test myself!

Photo by Dominique Gonzalez

The polos came neatly wrapped and were very prestigious-looking. Feeling the high-quality fabric, it showed elasticity when pulled. The material was soft and seemed durable from the start. They are also machine washable and dryer safe, which allows for easier cleanings.

I wasn’t too sure how the wrapping would go for the first time, but rest assured the polos wrapped like any other. When using the polo wraps I found that they were slightly longer than other wraps I’m used to. I tried the wraps on my 16.0 hunter, 16.2 jumper, and 17.0 jumper. For each one I had to wrap extra polo material a few more times. A slightly smaller size would more than likely fit a regular horse better.

Each of my three horses seemed to enjoy the comfort and therapeutic power of the Draper polo wraps. They rode softly and had no sign of restraint on movement. While testing the long-term benefits of the wraps in a product review is a bit out of the question, the horses moved well and seemed comfortable and fit in these wraps, even after long fitness rides.

I could especially see this therapeutic exercise polo being beneficial to anyone in any discipline who is doing a great deal of conditioning on the flat – it’s a great way to add support, protection, and health-inducing energy to your horse’s body while putting in the tough workouts.

After being washed the polos remained in the same condition in which they arrived. There were no rips or tears in the material, or any peeling from the inside. They maintained their elasticity and texture perfectly.

Overall, the Draper Equine Therapy polo wraps are definitely worth every penny. I love that the Celliant material is certified by the FDA as a medical device, ensuring these polos allow for temporary increase in blood flow and all the benefits that provides. My horses enjoyed the product, producing more efficient rides in the future. With constant use, I can absolutely believe that they would reduce stiffness, soreness or edema, improving my horses’overall health.

Draper has two styles of polo wrap available: The Draper Equine Therapy Polo Wraps and the Draper Equine Therapy Perfect Polo Wraps, which combine a normal polo and the tried-and-true Saratoga bandage. Both contain Celliant material. The standard polo wraps are available in two sizes, 90″ and 108″.