Product Review: Piper Evolution Breeches by SmartPak

SmartPak’s Piper breeches are some of the most popular riding pants in the United States. They are comfortable and stylish, but also have the benefit of being relatively affordable. I have several pairs, and I regard them almost as yoga pants—I can work remotely in them, teach lessons in them, and of course ride in them. They are comfortable enough to wear all day everyday.


Given my good experience with the Piper breeches so far, I was excited to try the new Piper Evolution Breeches. I got the full-seat kind, but they also come in a knee patch style. The main difference I noticed between these new ones and the old version is that these new ones are sleeker, and the material is cooler. I love my old Pipers, but they can get hot in the summer. These ones are quite breathable and don’t seem to retain any heat, which is nice on a warm day.

I have a love-hate relationship with full seat breeches. Sometimes they are too thick or too sticky, and other times I feel like they don’t provide enough support. I have to say that these new Piper full seats were very comfortable and kept me secure in the saddle without making me feel trapped there. My mare even gave a silly spook during our ride and I stuck to the saddle quite well! Overall they seem to provide enough support and padding without being bulky. They also run true to size.

Like the old Pipers, the new ones have a wide waistband. I didn’t think much of this until I was wearing some other breeches a few weeks ago with a thin waistband, and I felt at the end of the day that my mid-section was being strangled! The wider waistband on these Pipers provides a snug fit without restricting one’s movement.

In all, I’d definitely recommend these breeches. SmartPak is usually in tune with what consumers need and want, and this product is no different. I’d wear these to ride multiple horses from sun up to sun down, to work remotely, or even to go grocery shopping.