Product Review: Noble Outfitters Evolution Insulated Jacket



A favorite new piece that my wardrobe has embraced is the Evolution Insulated Jacket from Noble Outfitters. Now, I’ve met many a coat over the years and I’m pretty picky when it comes to things like fit, function, style and overall appearance.

From the first time that I tried on the Evolution Jacket, I had a pretty good inkling that I would like it. The months that I’ve spent wearing the jacket have proven my gut instinct to be spot on, because I’m glad to say that I’ve found a lot to love here.

So what exactly does the Evolution Jacket have going for it? Well, from the first time that I picked up my jacket, I could tell that it would be a good weight for cold weather days. Beyond that, the fabric, zipper and hardware all felt to be of excellent quality.

One of the most important features of a jacket, in my personal opinion is its ability to keep me dry. The Evolution Jacket is made of a 100% polyester fabric with a water repellent finish. What’s more, it is also 100% fully seam sealed, waterproof and breathable.

Staying warm is also on my list of must have features when it comes to selecting outerwear. The Evolution Jacket features 120 grams of polyester insulated lining, which provides a comfortably toasty amount of warmth during wear.


So what are some of the features of the Evolution Jacket that I really like? Keeping with the theme of warmth, I find that I very much like the soft fleece that lines the inside of the collar, making it feel snuggly and warm when zipped up on cold days.  It felt like it fit me really well. And, I liked that the fabric was fairly quiet as I moved.

The YKK two way zipper on the front of the Evolution Jacket feels nice and sturdy. I have no issues with it getting snagged during wear. The small leather Noble branding on the left sleeve, as well as the accenting on the pockets is very pleasing to the eye.

And about those pockets — they are actually dual action pockets, which means that I can store my lip gloss and gloves in the section with the top flap, and still have room to slip my hands in the separate side section. Excellent for storage and keeping hands toasty!

I’m also quite a fan of the features that help to make the Evolution Jacket saddle friendly. The back vent and hidden storm flaps are easy to unsnap before hopping in the saddle. I also simply adore the pommel cover, as it keeps the front of my saddle dry during rainy rides.


Let’s not forget a couple of my other favorite features. I’d be remiss to not mention the three piece detachable hood, which is terrific for rainy conditions. The knit storm cuffs with thumb holes help add to the Evolution Jacket’s cozy factor.

I’m happy that the hood stays up and nicely in place, which is a great benefit in wet conditions. Also, I the storm cuffs with the thumb holes help keep my sleeves from sliding or from cold air or moisture from getting up my sleeves.


The back vent and storms flaps work oh so very well when I unsnap them to ride. The pommel cover is great to ride with, even in dry conditions. When I’m wearing the jacket and not riding, it is easy to leave zipped to the side and it stays out of my way.

This brings me to one of the reasons why the Evolution Jacket works so well for me. It’s true that it keeps me warm and dry, and works so well in the saddle. But what about my everyday life, that I’m not spending in the saddle or around the barn?

The Evolution Jacket is stylish and has simple elegance about it. Yes, it is designed to be a waterproof barn jacket. However, the style translates very well for me to wear in day to day life. Going to the store. Out for errands. Even when I go to work.

I don’t just love wearing the Evolution Jacket for all of my riding pursuits. I love wearing it wherever, and whenever. Not only does it keep me warm and dry, it matches my personal style so very well. And that is why I keep reaching for it every time I open my closet.

The Evolution Jacket is available from Noble Outfitters in sizes XS through 2XL. It comes in either Black or Dark Navy (pictured), and has a retail price of $199.95. You can find the Evolution Jacket here.


All Photos by Lorraine Peachey.