Professional’s Choice has long been an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing boots that offer superior protection for our horses’ legs, and now they’re raising the bar once more with the all new Pro Performance Pro Mesh TPU Show Jump Boots.

These boots combine the best features in the Pro Performance line, making them a smart choice to add to your spring shopping list.

Let’s start with the the outer shell of the boot, which is made of a magical material called Pro Mesh TPU. This material features a honeycomb, hex-patterned design that makes it extremely breathable, and while the boots don’t feel very heavy, the Pro Mesh TPU is super durable. It will not absorb water, flexes to accommodate fetlock movement and also conforms beautifully to your horse’s leg, providing an excellent fit.

Then there’s the all new new strike guard on the boots, which is made from Pebax, another technologically advanced material. Pebax is flexible, making it comfortable for your horse to wear, but it also stiffens on impact for protection. That means the strike guard won’t shatter on impact like stiff plastic and carbon fiber you might find in strike guards on other models the Pro Performance Pro Mesh TPU Show Jump Boots. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The boots feature the same comfortable foam lining I love in the other Pro Performance boots in this line. The closed cell foam is a great alternative to neoprene and is perforated to ensure maximum air flow. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic while also resisting mold and bacteria growth. One of my biggest pet peeves in a boot is an inner lining that’s difficult to keep clean, but that’s not an issue with these boots. Just wipe down the lining and you’re good to go.

EN also gives two thumbs up to the fact that Professional’s Choice cares about protecting the environment, which is why the company uses a more minimalistic approach when manufacturing boots. For example, the Pro Performance Pro Mesh TPU Show Jump Boots are made with a special process that uses less glue. The boots are also neoprene-free, PVC-free and nearly odor-free.


The Pro Performance Pro Mesh TPU Show Jump Boots are also available in white. Photo courtesy of Professional’s Choice.

The boots are available with TPU fasteners or hook-and-loop closures. I tested the version of the boots with the TPU fasteners and really liked how quickly I could put them on while easily getting the perfect fit. I tried the boots on different horses and found that it’s easy to fit a variety of different leg sizes with these fasteners. Plus, they look really sharp.

If you have a horse with sensitive skin that can’t wear neoprene, the Pro Performance Pro Mesh TPU Show Jump Boots are an excellent choice. I love them for both schooling at home and the show ring, and the price is also affordable for a wide range of budgets. The boots retail at $102.95 for the front boots and $92.95 for the hind boots. They are available in one size in black or white.

Click here to order your own pair of Pro Performance Pro Mesh TPU Show Jump Boots, and then click here to check out the whole range of boots from Professional’s Choice. If you’re loving these boots as much me, you’re in luck! We’re giving away a set of boots as this week’s Fab Freebie on EN. Stay tuned for the contest, which goes live tomorrow morning.

Go Professional’s Choice. Go Eventing.