Kate Samuels tacks up with a new leather girth by Professional’s Choice that’s as pretty as it is practical.

At some point or another, everybody has used a Professional’s Choice VenTECH girth, and for good reason. I have used them throughout my life because I love the no-slip neoprene technology, and because of their durability, affordability and washability. I wish I could say that I was exaggerating for effect here, but I’m simply not.

Recently, Professional’s Choice came out with a leather girth that boasts the same positive aspects of the regular VenTECH girth, but with some added factors of sleek design and an upgraded look for the show ring.


The handy carabineer clip and small d-ring in the center of the girth make it convenient to attach breastplates, martingales or training aids. Photo by Kate Samuels.

The VenTECH Leather Girth has been carefully designed by clearly emphasizing both function and appearance at the same time. I’m a practical girl, so let’s start with the logistics of the girth. To begin with, the smooth outline of the girth follows new studies that indicate girth pressure is better distributed through a wider center section, and this is important for keeping your horse comfortable at all times.

The classic patented VenTECH non-slip neoprene liner is also front and center with this girth, and this is a large part of why this girth is successful. The liner is breathable, allowing for heat and moisture to escape during exercise. It is also non-slip, but it does not cause rubs in the least. I have used it on several horses that rub very easily, and it passes the test.


The neoprene liner on the girth easily pulls away from the leather with a strong velcro attachment. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Even better, the neoprene liner pulls away from the leather girth so that you can easily hose it off in the wash stall, or even throw it in the washing machine! I do all my own horse laundry and tack cleaning, and anything I can find that will make those two things go faster and smoother are aces in my book.

The center carabineer clip is a nice new addition, and this favors the new design of a lot of breastplates that don’t feature their own clip. Since the center section of the girth is wider than the rest, you usually cannot fit the breastplate loop around it in the old fashion of attaching the two accessories, and a carabineer is ultra convenient for breastplates, martingales or training aids. However, should you have a breastplate with a clip, there is also a small d-ring at the base for snapping it in place.

The VenTECH leather girth also features two small side D-rings that are useful for attaching either five-point breastplates or even side reins. They are small and unobtrusive so that when you are riding, you will not even know they are under your leg at all.

In terms of fit, this girth features stainless steel roller buckles as well as triple elastic on both sides, which means you can fit it to a large variety of horses, and it is easy to tighten. I currently ride three horses who are masters at puffing out, and the need to tighten my girth on the way to the arena or while hacking is important, so both of these aspects appeal to me greatly.


The patented VenTECH neoprene liner in close up. Photo by Kate Samuels.

As for the aesthetics of this girth, they appealed to me immediately when I pulled it from the box. The leather is soft to the touch, and comes in a lovely chocolate hue, which is flattering for almost all shades of jump saddle. This is the added touch of sophistication that I have been waiting for with my other VenTECH girths!


To me, this is a show quality girth that I would feel comfortable taking anywhere, but it has the advantage of the Professional’s Choice durability that other leather goods may not. I would use this girth on a daily basis because of the convenience and functionality, and then be able to quickly clean it up and use it just the same at a competition.

The Professional’s Choice VenTECH Leather Girth retails for $249.95, and you can find it online at the Professional’s Choice website or at your favorite tack store.