Reader Photo Challenge: Behind the Ears

I’ve had my new mare for about two and a half months now…and guess what. We JUST got our first “behind the ears” photo a couple of days ago.  On the days when you’re putting out fires right and left (or kicking back the ones you have nothing to do with), sometimes all that makes things feel a little better is to get on your horse.  (It’s on those days when I typically abandon the whole flatwork/arena plan and go galavanting around off-road, which she loves anyway, so it’s a win-win).

It’s time to put a little more light into our feeds…let’s show everyone your favorite “behind the ears” photo!  Either drop your photo in the Facebook comments, or you can also email it to:  Let’s check out all of the ears and adventures of our Jumper Nation community!

And in the meantime…here she is:

Photo by Lynn Mueller.

Go Jumping!

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