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Ride iQ launches new app to give equestrians broad access to the world’s best coaches

Launching with a mobile app, Ride iQ members will have access to a library of 100+ on-demand audio lessons taught by world-class coaches

OCALA, FLORIDA – Ride iQ launched its membership and mobile app today. As the first audio-focused training platform for equestrians, it offers something completely new to riders: the opportunity to get on-demand instruction while they ride. It is the equestrian-equivalent of Peloton’s guided runs. Ride iQ is currently focused on English disciplines with coaches who specialize in eventing, hunter/jumpers, and dressage. Ride iQ membership costs $29.99/month or $249/year.

Ride iQ provides affordable, unlimited access to world-class coaching for more enjoyable, safe, and productive schooling. While the Ride iQ mobile app and audio lessons are the foundation of the business, other membership benefits include access to live virtual Office Hours with Ride iQ coaches, the private Ride iQ Facebook group, and private Ride iQ podcasts. Ride iQ’s team is dedicated to compassionate horsemanship and effective training and seeks to elevate the global standards for equestrian partnerships and performances.

“If I had something like this as a kid growing up in the sport that could have kept me focused and inspired, it certainly would have helped me a lot. I think it’s that access not only to good instruction, but motivation.” – Jon Holling, 5-star event rider

Members get unlimited access to a library of 100+ audio lessons that can be selected based on topic, preferred coach, experience level, and more. Ride iQ lessons cater to all levels and focus on:

  • Mastering a specific skill
  • Improving a horse’s way of going
  • Perfecting a dressage test, movement by movement
  • Training a green horse
  • Improving rider position and use of aids
  • Exercises to achieve the desired outcome


Lesson examples include Walk Canter Transitions with Ema Klugman, a green horse progressive program with Jon Holling, Improving Unsteady Connection with Doug Payne, OTTB warmups with Holly Hudspeth, dressage test playbooks with Peter Gray, and Using Ground Rails for Stride Accuracy with Leslie Law.

Ride iQ lessons are not meant to replace in-person lessons, but instead provide support during independent schooling rides. Currently, schooling rides lack guidance and rely on a rider’s existing knowledge and abilities; with Ride iQ, those rides can be a source of improved understanding, helpful exercises, new insights, and better experiences for horse and rider.

“I’ve said it for years: this is an information game. There’s a reason that the majority of medal winners are over 35 in this sport. It’s not because we get healthier, it’s because we’ve accrued more knowledge.” – Kyle Carter, Olympic event rider

Ride iQ provides everyday riders access to an elite level of coaching that is currently only accessible to a small minority of equestrians. By giving broad access to exceptional coaching, Ride iQ will raise the standard for safer riding and better performances.

“I really think that through programs like Ride iQ and others, it’s a way we can help spread good training techniques and it will benefit everybody.” – Peter Gray, Olympic event rider and top-level dressage judge

Ride iQ coaches include:

  • Leslie Law
  • Lesley Grant Law
  • Ema Klugman
  • Holly Hepp Hudspeth
  • Peter Gray
  • Jennifer Carter
  • Jonathan Holling
  • Doug Payne
  • Kyle Carter
  • Dennis Mitchell
  • + more coaches will be added regularly after launch


Ride iQ was founded in 2021 by sisters McKinsey and Jessa Lux. McKinsey and Jessa grew up eventing in Minnesota. Wanting to move up the levels, both sisters moved their horses to Ocala, Florida during high school to work with Kyle and Jennifer Carter, now their partners in Ride iQ.  

“I transferred to online school for high school so I could move to Florida and train with the best coaches. Had Ride iQ existed, I would’ve had the necessary resources to pursue my passion in my hometown in Minnesota. There are riders all over the world that want to be great and do right by their horses, but they simply do not have the necessary mentorship or tools to do so. Ride iQ can change that. – McKinsey Lux, Ride iQ Co-founder and amateur Eventer