Ride (or Drive) to the Polls, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Election Day is here in the USA, and the polls are hopping. Whether or not you stand with a one political party or another, it’s your right to go vote!  As individuals, yes, we’re just one person — but numbers add up, and your vote counts.  Some people are out there actually riding their horses to the polls (please do think carefully if you do this, though…), while others are driving after work, walking, or of course mailing in ballots. Regardless of how you (carefully) get your vote out, please try to do it!  See you in the morning and we’ll see how Election Day 2020 turned out.


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rise and shine, it’s a beautiful day to VOTE 🇺🇸

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And after the election, regardless of who wins, let’s take a page from these capybaras’ books and #selfcare:


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cleansing your feed with some ~ 𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓶 ~ (if only we could be as chill as these capybaras)

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Go Jumping! Go Vote!

*Note: Any Instagram post shared on this piece does not reflect the individual political affiliation of Jumper Nation, its employees, or the post sponsor. 

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