#ridersconnected: Apart. Together.

This Easter weekend, a time when we typically are together, is a time when many of us are apart.  What better time than to introduce a new initiative, #ridersconnected – brought to you by SAP, EquiRatings, Black Horse One, Event Rider Masters, and Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony.

Photo by SAP.

The #ridersconnected platform was built to support the the equestrian community in times of crisis and beyond.  It was brought on by the COVID-19 crisis that hit hardest beginning in March 2020, as most of the world was asked to engage in social distancing, and many things we previously took for granted, such as even hugging friends and family, were put on hold.  Other things we may have taken for granted that are now on pause include horse shows, which are one way of bringing together our community.

The goal of the #ridersconnected platform is to share messages of support from around the world, games, videos, and online offerings in coaching and judging which could be useful, informative, distracting, or inspiring resources during this difficult time.

Here, Gemma Tattersall introduces the platform on the #ridersconnected Video Wall:

The Social Wall is full of even more inspiring posts – and some fun, of course.  Tag your own posts with the #ridersconnected hashtag!  There appears to be a lawn mowing challenge, with Team Brazil in the lead…

To learn more about #ridersconnected and to visit the entire platform, click here.  We hope you find these resources helpful during this time.

Go Jumping, and stay connected!