Sandra Dalman’s Kep Italia Mirror Helmet is So Future

I was watching the live feed of the Country Heir Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park last week when Sandra Dalman walks in the ring, and my jaw dropped. It’s been a long time since I saw something in the ring that I was positive I’d never seen before, but this helmet certainly fits the bill.

The helmet is Kep Italia’s Cromo Shine Silver Mirror Helmet. Every helmet is equipped with standard flexible visor, air circulation system, five connection point straps, washable inner padding, and I would assume the ability to pick up most satellite signals or start a fire in a pinch.


The Cromo retails for around $735. You can see more at Kep’s Website. Oh, and it also comes in a PHENOMENAL deep chrome blue. (SQUEE!)

We also highly recommend tossing a follow Sandra Dalman’s way on IG, as her feed is wonderful, and she’s a very exciting rider to watch out for in the future. She’s been competing on the rated circuit since she was a teenager, and just recently took the plunge in the CSI3* and CSI4* competitions this past year. She’s got two exceptional top- level Dutch Warmbloods: Ausi, an 11-year-old bay mare, and A Frieda O, a stunning gray who is also 11 this year.

Sandra coaches, trains, and imports, and is based out of Lexington, KY in the summer months, and Welly in the winter. You can find out more at

Go Jumping, and always #mindyourmelon!