Shane Sweetnam and Natalie Dean BOTH Win the $36,600 GGT Welcome Stakes at Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

The main event of the third day of competition today here at SOJT was an extremely anticipated event, and really kicked off the first of our big prize classes,  the $36,600 GGT Welcome Stakes. This class boasted an incredible one hundred and seven riders today, all vying for the top of the podium!! In fact, the class was so large that the judges and coordinators decided it made most sense to run a California split and thus we had two winners and double the purse! Shane Sweetnam strode to victory aboard Indra Van de Oude Heihoff for his section while Natalie Dean and her mount Don’s Diamant also took home the blue for her respective section. There’s hardly a better example of horses as the great equalizers of our sport than this win we saw today! Of course the GGT footing used in the International arena, and all of the arenas at Flintfields, held up with ease and provided the perfect environment for a truly gasp-worthy number of competitors to test their skill.

Shane Sweetnam (left) and Natalie Dean (right) in their presentation ceremony. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.

This jumper tournament is so fortunate for all of the sponsors we partner with to help bring this show to the highest tier for all levels of riding in the sport of showjumping. We plan to continue to deliver just that for the rest of the weekend, with several more feature classes including the Babington Benefit Classic and the $75,000 Agero Grand Prix.

Natalie Dean on Don’s Diamant. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.






Founder and Chairman of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Shane Sweetnam on Indra Van de Oude Heihoff. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.