SmartPak’s Ask a Trainer: Maintaining Space While Lunging

Do you have a horse that could use a lunging tune-up?  Team SmartPak rider Matt Mills discusses how to maintain space while lunging. This post originally appeared on our sister site, Horse Nation. Words by SmartPak

SmartPak knows that we have questions when we’re working with our horses. That’s why they’ve developed the Ask a Trainer series — to give us as much information to be successful as possible. SmartPak fan Josephine sent in this question:

My horse, Shasta Rose, has always done excellent in lunging, but the last year I have tried to lunge, my horse crowds me and will not move or back off. I was wondering if there were any ways (besides practicing) that I could fix that.

Team SmartPak Rider, World Equestrian Gold Medalist, and NRHA Million Dollar Rider Matt Mills shares his insights on how to work with a horse that has trouble maintaining a circle while lunging.

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Go Jumping! And Lunging!