Split Rock Jumping Tour: New App to Revolutionize Show Experience

The Split Rock Jumping Tour offers an unparalleled show jumping experience.  In its sixth year of operation, SRJT has been revolutionizing the way show jumping is presented in the US.  Competitions offer top prize money, extravagant awards, special entry packages, and numerous first-class amenities not typically found at any other horse show.  This year, SRJT locations include Lexington, Santa Fe, Sonoma, Columbus, Aiken, and Fort Worth.  With the Lexington International CSI2* approaching soon (June 17-21, entries close June 8), SRJT finalized its COVID-19 protocolOne of the unique guidelines encourages download of the SRJT app.

The Jumper Nation team reached out to Kaitlin Farmer, the SRJT Head of Entries and Rider Relations, to learn more about the app that will immensely enhance the competitor experience at Split Rock shows.  Let’s dig in and learn about the new technology!

Photo by SRJT.

Jumper Nation: This app looks incredibly revolutionary for competitors at the shows.  What were some of the items on your “wish list” when you were developing the app?  What were some other important items that were “must haves” to add?

Split Rock Jumping Tour: We were fortunate to work with Equestrian Digital when developing our app.  We’ve been tweaking it from Day One.  Adding the course maps was one of the first things that we did, which was a great addition to reduce traffic at the in-gate and make it easier for everyone to check out the courses.  Another big wish list item was checking out through the app.  This development will be ready by the June show [the Lexington International].  This will help save traffic in the show office.  You can purchase merchandise through the app, as well.

I was in a situation showing recently where the course maps were put on the board in a misleading way, and I got the courses for two back to back classes in the same division confused, learning the wrong course first. With the way we do it, you simply have to pull up your class and it’s there!

JN: This all sounds like huge advancements in reducing traffic and helping the shows run efficiently.  What are some other unique ideas that went into the SRJT app?

SRJT: One of our team members had an idea for feed in Santa Fe.  We were then able to plan out a new feed and bedding delivery system.  Competitors can order feed or bedding through the app, which bills through the system, and then goes back out to the feed staff in their own app for delivery.  If we receive an order at the office, it also goes out to the staff, eliminating their need to call in to the office or physically swing by to see if any new orders are in.  They then can indicate that the order is complete, and we can advise the customer if the order is on the way or delivered.

We’re also working on location guides featuring hotels, car rentals, restaurants, and other local businesses that competitors may have interest in while they’re showing at each venue.  We’re always trying to see what else we can do to enhance the showing experience at Split Rock.

JN: This app sounds like it will truly change horse showing at Split Rock, making the experience even better than it already was.  Seeing as many features help with efficiency and traffic reduction, do you anticipate continuing use of the app after COVID-19 starts dissipating?

SRJT: The app actually was utilized for every show we ran in 2019, with improvements added throughout the year.  It wasn’t developed with COVID-19 in mind, but it just so happens to make us several steps ahead now with everyone looking to migrate more online.  We will absolutely keep the app from now through the foreseeable future.

JN: It looks like competitors have the ability to add/scratch classes from the app.  Is there a cut off time for doing so?

SRJT: There is a cut off the day before in the late afternoon.  This allows us to start working on orders for the next day, with all orders typically posted between 5:00-6:00pm.  Same day scratches can be done in the show office.

JN: If there are location guides, are there other “map” integrations that could be added to the app?  I’m thinking of a spectator or friend noticing someone fall off and there’s no one around to help — they could press an “emergency” button on the app that displays the location, and staff could come running to assist.

SRJT: That’s not a bad idea!  I may bring this up with our developers to see what they think and whether it is feasible.

Questions and responses have been edited for clarity.  The SRJT app is available for free download here for Android devices and here for iPhones.  For more information about the Split Rock Jumping Tour, click here.  Enjoy your time competing at Split Rock!

Go Jumping!