Split Screen Time: Watch Lucy Deslauriers and Eve Jobs Tie Down to the Milisecond at CP National!


Lucy Deslauriers on Hamlet (left) and Eve Jobs on Calizz (right)

Jumper competition kicked off on Thursday at the CP National Horse Show with the T & R Development $5,000 Amateur-Owner/Junior Jumper Welcome Stake, where Lucy Deslauriers and Eve Jobs, in a rare turn of events, bested a jump-off field of 10 to tie – down to the millisecond – for the top prize in 33.137 seconds.

Deslauriers piloted Hamlet and Jobs was aboard her own Calizz to win the “Skymaster” Memorial Trophy, donated by Patricia Adikes-Hill & The Adikes Family Foundation, and both lead the victory gallop side-by-side. Following Deslauriers and Jobs was Teddy Vlock and Chakito, owned by Vlock Show Stables LLC, in 34.726 seconds.

Their routes to victory were very different, with each adding and subtracting extra strides and taking different risks throughout the course, but with identical conclusions.

Watch the incredible split screen of how they crossed the line identically!

We’re just getting warmed up at the CP National, so be sure to keep it locked on EN for all the critical updates and amazing victories!

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