Experience the sights and sounds of Germany’s 500-plus-year-old state stud at Marbach through the extraordinary lens of videographer Julien Guntz’ latest production!

Video tours have become a useful way for people all over the world to share sites and locations important to them that viewers might never get to visit in person. At the same time, carefully-written voice-overs, cheery music and creative editing sometimes make you feel like you’re watching a presentation rather than getting a feel for what a place is truly like.

Julien Guntz’ video work bridges that gap between representation and reality: his latest sights-and-sounds glimpse takes us to Marbach, site of Germany’s world-renowned national stud which is over 500 years old. Unscripted and unnarrated, this five-minute video will transport you to the barns and pastures of Marbach truly as though you were really there.

Throughout its history, Marbach bred the finest horses to help influence local stock, depending on need: heavy breeds were introduced to bolster working horses, followed by general-purpose breeds suitable to both farming and carriage work as well as riding, to post-war sporthorses. The farm is now recognized as the establishing base for the Wuerttemberger Warmblood, as well as host to herds of fine Arabians and Black Forest draughts, which appear in the video above.


Marbach hosts breed inspections as well as offering boarding opportunities; another farm campus at St. Johann offers retirement for aged equines. Marbach has become synonymous in Europe with fine breeding as well as education for both the rider and the breeder; the farm also welcomes thousands of tourists each year.

We’re big fans of the work of Julien Guntz here at Jumper Nation and we think you’ll agree that his video work provides an up-close-and-personal look at some of the biggest and best places our world has to offer.

Go Jumping.


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