The Next Generation, Now! #FEI U25 Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Who are the best Under-25 in the world of show jumping? Several of the top 10 are Americans, a couple of whom are in contention for a spot on the Olympic team. These incredible young riders are the up-and-coming names who we will see for decades to come in our sport. They have been competing and winning all year on Nation’s Cup teams and as individuals. Will any of them be picked for a ticket to Tokyo? U-25 FEI Jumping Rankings

1. Brian Moggre, USA, fresh from the Nation’s Cup last week in Sopot, Poland, where he helped the Netjets U.S. Jumping Team take seventh, overall, with Balou de Reventon (below) and Hera FBH. He is 41st in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings, overall, and is on the US Olympic short list.

2. Bryan Balsiger, Switzerland, seen here with his fantastic Twentytwo des Biches, placing 4th at Hubside, St. Tropez in the CSI5* Grand Prix last week. Bryan is 64th in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

3. Lillie Keenan, USA, who has a special partnership with Skyhorse, below. Lillie is 90th in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

4. Michael Pender, Ireland, here finishing 5th in the Stockholm CSI5* Grand Prix with his Irish Sport Horse HHS Burnchurch. Michael is 92nd in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

5. Lucy Deslauriers, USA, who captured 2nd in the Sopot CSI5* Grand Prix last week with her unstoppable BWP gelding Hester (pictured below). Lucy is 98th in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings and is on the US Olympic short list.

6. Emily Moffitt, Great Britain, here jumping the water at La Baule, France with Winning Good; the pair put in two double clears to help Great Britain to 4th in the 5* Nation’s Cup. Emily is 118th FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

7. Lucas Porter, USA, with his Holsteiner mare Hope Street in the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show in St. Tropez, France. Lucas is 115th in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

8. Jack Whitaker, Great Britain, jumping around the 3* Nation’s Cup with Scenletha in Kronenberg, Netherlands to help the British team capture 2nd place on the podium. Jack is 122nd in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

9. Eugenio Garza Perez, Mexico, just chosen for the Mexican Olympic Team! Here he is on Armani Sl Z in the 1.60m Grand Prix of Rome. Eugenio is 131st in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

10. Spencer Smith, USA, here with Theodore Manciais in Geneva; he took 3rd in the Stockholm Grand Prix last week with Quibelle. Spencer is 135th in the FEI Longines Jumping rankings.

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