Todd Minikus and the Mystery of the Fat Leg, Presented by Draper Therapies

Fat leg syndrome…..almost every horse seems to suffer with swelling from time to time. There are many schools of thought on how to address inflammation in the legs. Todd Minikus has a special tool he uses to keep his horses legs in tip-top shape: Draper Therapies polo wraps.

Todd shares his story with the team at Draper below!

Each rider has their opinions regarding what products work for their horses. I can say from personal experience that my competition horses have definitely benefited from Draper’s no bow wraps. The soft fluffy fabric filled with Celliant uses the body’s own heat to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Want to know more about how Celliant works? Check out more here on Draper’s website. With a series of tried and true clinical studies, Draper stands behind their Celliant technology. The Draper team is confident that their products can bring relief to not only your horses, but to riders and their canine friends as well!