Watch: Todd Minikus Never Gives Up and WINS, Presented by Back Gate

As an adult ammy, it’s sometimes pretty hard to get over a moment of hiccups in a round while doing a lesson at home or in the actual show ring.  Fundamentally, I know you’re supposed to ignore that rail and keep your mind in front and riding strong — or ignore that not-so-great loss of power, kick on, and go.  Easier said than done, though!  I still sometimes get stuck in a rut and when things don’t go to plan, I dwell on it…which means the rest of the course starts to go awry.

Not so with Todd Minikus!  There was a bit of a disagreement between him and Amex Z mid-jump off at the $37,000 Horseware Ireland CSI 2* Welcome Stake at Tryon Summer 5, but he managed to get past the issue, move on, and gallop strong to win against a total field of 65 and 14 in the jump off!  Watch the recovery and the winning round below, thanks to Back Gate.

Todd stated, “It was a fast jump-off. I kind of got stuck in the corner from fence one to two, and almost circled, actually, and finally she came around, and I continued on to the fence. I thought for sure I wasn’t going to be fast enough, but it was good enough.”

Never give up! Go Jumping!

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