Tutorial: Tail Stretches with Unbridled Equine

Just like humans, horses can also benefit from massage therapy.  Massage therapy can help a horse a horse in many ways, including:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Lymph fluid movement
  • Muscle health improvement
  • Noticing structural imbalances
  • Acupoint stimulation
  • Emotional health improvement
  • Improved athletic performance

Katie Hawkins, owner of Unbridled Equine and certified top tier FEI Permitted Equine Therapist, shares a stretch that you can try with your own horse: The tail stretch!

Photo by Unbridled Equine.

Katie says, “I utilize tail stretching during most of my massage sessions. The horses love it, and it gives them an awesome full body stretch! It is important to implement this stretch with proper technique to keep you and the horse safe. I like to use tail circles to the left and right along with an extended “pull” stretch. This stretches out all the muscles along the topline – which includes the withers, back, loin, and croup area. The coolest part is when the horse leans forward during the stretch and helps to get the most out of it!”

To perform the tail stretch, hold the tail as indicated in the photo above, and gently pull to stretch it.  You can also gently circle the tail (while still holding it like in the photo) to the left and the right.  Be sure to observe your horse’s mood before and during the stretch in case of any signs of discomfort or a warning to kick.

Note: If your horse reacts very strongly or continues to show signs of discomfort, stop performing the stretch and consult your equine massage therapist or veterinarian.

For even more helpful stretches, watch the video below!


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