US Para-Dressage Rider Beatrice de Lavalette Finds Meaningful Connection with BEMER

United States Para-Dressage athlete and 2021 Paralympic hopeful Beatrice de Lavalette knows the importance of keeping her horses at their fittest. She relies on the BEMER Horse-Set to assist with maintaining her horses’ peak performance, as well as the BEMER Pro-Set for her own well-being.

Beatrice de Lavalette on Duna. Photo by Emma Miller/Phelps Media.

Utilizing pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, the BEMER Horse-Set delivers the patented BEMER Signal into the horse’s body, which enhances healing, recovery and injury prevention. The BEMER Pro-Set utilizes the same BEMER signal in products specially designed to optimize muscular health and performance by increasing circulation.

“Since receiving the BEMER Horse-Set, my horses have been having a session every morning before work,” shared the young athlete. “The difference has been really amazing. They are more supple, more relaxed, but more importantly, more ready to work in a shorter period of time. They clearly enjoy their BEMER moment every day!”

A lifelong horse-lover, Beatrice has been riding and showing horses the majority of her life, but that passion was put to the ultimate test in 2016 when a suicide bomber detonated an explosion just a few feet away from her at the Brussels’ Zaventem International Airport.

With burns covering 35% of her body and severe internal injuries, Beatrice was red-tagged by emergency responders, but she fought the entire duration of her recovery.  Despite the amputation of both her legs below the knee, she fought for her chance to ride again. With the aid of prosthetics for both legs, Beatrice was able to saddle up and continue with her competitive goals. Now a Grade II Para-Dressage athlete, Beatrice recently completed her first season competing at the CPEDI 3* level and has her sights set on competing at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics.

Photo by Lenore Phillips/Phelps Media.

“Beatrice’s story is truly one of resilience and grit,” shared Brad Horn, Head of Marketing for BEMER Group North America. “She has overcome everything that life has thrown at her and found a way to continue what she loves most, which is being involved with horses. BEMER Group North America is beyond proud to have Beatrice on our team and to provide her with the BEMER Horse-Set to keep her horses in top shape, as well as our BEMER Pro-Set for humans to help Beatrice and other equine athletes feel their best in the saddle.”

About BEMER Group

Founded in Germany in 1998, BEMER Group has been at the forefront of vascular therapy and microcirculation for both humans and horses.  To learn more about BEMER Equine and the BEMER Horse-Set, click here.