Aachen, Germany – The Hermès US Show Jumping Team has tied with France for the Silver medal at the Mercedes-Benz Nations Cup at CSIO5* Aachen. The team is composed of Lucy Davis and Barron, Laura Kraut and Zeremonie, Beezie Madden and Cortes ‘C’, and McLain Ward and Rothchild.

It was a magnificent performance by our Olympic team (minus Kent Farrington, who was competing back in the New World this week) as they secured the silver medal behind a nearly flawless German Team, who had only a single rail among them in the two rounds.

Round 1 

In round one, Team USA led the way as Mclain Ward was first to go and laid down the gauntlet, putting in a foot perfect round over the massive Nations Cup course. The team followed suit, as Lucy Davis aboard Barron followed by Laura Kraut and Zeremonie each put in matching zeroes to skyrocket team USA to the top. Their performance was so commanding that Beezie and Cortes C did not need to compete in the first round.

Germany nearly followed suit, with only a single pole displaced by Christian Ahlmann and all his other teammates clear. Belgium also  had a strong first round with clears from Olivier Philippaerts and Judy-Ann Melchior, and four counted faults from Jerome Guery.

Round 2  

The second round ran in reverse order of standing from round 1, and Belgium was unable to maintain their hold on the bronze position, ultimately falling to sixth. The star-studded team from France was able to capitalize and Phillippe Rozier, Roger Yves Bost and Penelope Leprovost all put in clutch clear rounds.

Mclain and Rothchild came into the ring prepared to copy their first round performance, but Rothchild appeared irritated and a bit out of sorts in the second round, bringing down three poles for 12 faults. This placed the burden of clear rounds on his teammates to maintain their position for a jump-off with the host country.

Team Germany held up their end of the bargain, with every single member of the team providing a clear round in front of a massive and enthusiastic crowd. Christian Ahlmann redeeemed his earlier single pole with a clear, and teammates Marcus Ehning, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Ludger Beerbaum repeated their foot perfect rounds from earlier in the evening.

Lucy Davis and Laura Kraut did not falter under pressure, and provided the much-needed clears to the US in a sudden death scenario. Beezie and Cortes C were the last to enter the ring with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and ‘Tiny’ was overjumping everything like a schooling course at home.

As they approached the liverpool, the striding and speed looked absolutely perfect. but the pair left a foot in the water, giving Germany the Gold. Beezie and Tiny finished their round beautifully despite uproar from the German crowd, clinching a tying silver with France at Aachen.


Team Germany in their Victory Gallop. Screenshot via Clipmyhorse.tv

It’s worth noting that between two clear rounds today with Zeremonie and a huge win earlier in the day aboard Confu, Laura Kraut’s poise and talent really shone today, and it’s incredible that a rider with so much ability could be a reserve.

It just goes to show the depth that Team USA has at the moment, and the USET is well-poised to make a splash in Rio in just a matter of weeks.

Final Team Results, Mercedes Benz Nations Cup of Aachen:team top