The Victory in the $30k Showpark Summer Festival Grand Prix Goes to Patricio Pasquel & Don Aurelio

The Del Mar Horse Park’s Grand Prix Field was bustling with excitement this Saturday afternoon, with 22 horse and rider combinations taking to the Anthony D’Ambrosio $30,000 Showpark Summer Festival Grand Prix course. Five talented pairs returned for the jump-off, with two going double clean. In the envious last-to-go position, it was Mexico’s Patricio Pasquel and his mount Don Aurelio who took the victory by half a second from Michelle Parker and Cross Creek Farm’s Cupilor.

Patricio Pasquel and Don Aurelio. Photo by Captured Moments Photography

First to return, Delaney Flynn and Grace Jacobsen’s Milan IV were quite fast in 36.10 seconds but with a four fault score. Third to go, Parker and Cupilor looked like they would take the win at 36.91 seconds and double clean. Taylor Harris and Disco Lady (owned by Harris Equestrian, LLC) were also speedy, stopping the clock in 35.22 seconds but also lowering the height of one obstacle. Don Aurelio and Pasquel kept the crowd on the edge of their seats with a quick and tidy fault-free ride, finishing in an incredibly close time of 36.42.

The winning pair handled the first round’s combinations and adjustable lines with grace. When it came to the jump off, D’Ambrosio created a loopy track with a few open spaces for the horses to gallop in between fences.

“Anthony always does a good job putting nice tasks for us to do, and I think it was a nice course with a good number of clean rounds,” said Pasquel, praising D’Ambrosio’s style.

Patricio Pasquel with Don Aurelio and Melissa Brandes. Photo by Captured Moments Photography

Pasquel also gave Don Aurelio credit for the win. “He was so respectful about the rails and just does his job. He’s a lovely horse to ride.”

$30,000 Showpark Summer Festival Grand Prix
Place – Entry Number – Horse – Rider – Owner – Faults/Time
1. 926 – Don Aurelio – Patricio Pasquel – Patricio Pasquel – 0/0/36.428
2. 313 – Cupilor – Michelle Parker – Cross Creek Farms, Inc. – 0/0/36.914
3. 226 – Disco Lady – Taylor Harris – Harris Equestrian, LLC – 0/4/35.227
4. 760 – Milan IV – Delaney Flynn – Grace Jacobsen – 0/4/36.100
5. 256 – Ircos – Everado Hegewisch – Everado Hegewisch – 0/4/39.320
6. 924 – Pomerol – Patricio Pasquel – Patricio Pasquel – 4/76.242
7. 320 – Ayma De La Demi Lune – Hannah Loly – Hannah Loly – 4/77.605
8. 649 – Colicchio – Kenneth Vinther – Kenneth Vinther – 4/78.491
9. 906 – Relic L.S. – Juan Pablo Jimenez – Juan Pablo Jimenez – 4/79.346
10. 576 – Christian Grey – Tiffany Sullivan – Haley Farms, LLC – 5/80.737
11. 622 – Campitello 5 – Shawn Casady – Highpoint Farm, LLC – 7/82.518
12. 575 – The Gladiator – Tiffany Sullivan – Haley Farms, LLC – 8/76.970