It was a spectacular and slightly unbelievable ending to the Burlington Capital Omaha Grand Prix when Christian Heineking not only nabbed his fourth win in the event’s five-year history, but also did it by being the only clean jump-off round of the eight horses who made it to the final round.

Thanks to our friends at The International Omaha, we get to share with you Christian’s fantastic jump-off round!

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While it may seem like quite a trek to Nebraska for the German rider, Heineking is in fact based out of October Hill Farm in Hudson Oaks, Texas with his Texas-born wife Erin Davis, who is a Grand Prix powerhouse herself. Heineking moved to Texas in 2008 from Germany, and has made a very successful home base in the states.

You can learn more about Christian Heineking by following Heineking Show Stables and October Hill Farm Sporthorses. More is available about the Omaha International here.