WATCH: Desert Flight, a Film for Show Jumpers

Is it just me or do all eqeustrians nag at the television any time a horse related show is on? No matter how much money a film company throws at the budget, they can never seem to get it right when it comes to horses. That is NOT the case with Desert Flight. Desert Flight is a self-proclaimed “love letter to the sport of show jumping.” Filmed in Thermal, California, the documentary shot by Samia Staehle is unscripted and shot by a crew of non-equestrians. What could go wrong?

I am here to tell you that this documentary is DEFINITELY worth your time. In fact, I wish it was longer! This 30 minute quick film features some of the industry’s best including Eric Navet, Mandy Porter and Richard Spooner as they all chase the same dream: winning the AIG $1 Million Grand Prix. You get a heartfelt, behind-the-scenes look at the lives of many equestrians competing at HITS Coachella and the story is pieced together in such a way that your eyes will never leave the screen. Plus, you will love the “bonus scenes” at the end while the credits are rolling!

Desert Flight is streaming now on USEF Network. Not a USEF Network member? Use the code¬†“desertflight”¬†to watch the documentary for free!

Go Jumping!