Watch: Doug Payne is a Rider of Many Talents, Including the Hunters, Presented by Back Gate

Confession: I’m personally a rider who is not very good at finesse.  I tend to ride to “get the job done” and more often than not find it really hard to look smooth and savvy in the saddle — hence why I do the jumpers!  No equitation star here!  As a result, it’s always truly amazing to watch a rider pilot a horse around the ring in a discipline completely different from the others he or she typically competes in — and do it well.

Doug Payne is a 5* event rider and also a Grand Prix show jumper.  BUT WAIT, there’s more.  He has additionally become a fantastic hunter rider.  Watch him pilot Quiberon around the Green Hunter 3’6″ course at Tryon Summer 5 to a second place.  I’m in awe of the smoothness!

Congratulations, Doug and Quiberon! Go Jumping!

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