If you haven’t yet delved into the crazy universe that is the Global Champions League, now is your chance. But we’ll leave it with this warning: IT IS ADDICTING.

The Global Champions League is run in conjunction with the Global Champions Tour, but for a variety of legal reasons is not affiliated directly with the tour. Many of the riders from the Tour are members of the two-member teams that represent the league, and it’s a star-studded lineup from around the world.

Each pair of riders represents a “home city”; not usually their own hometown, but rather one of 12 stops on the Global Champions Tour. The setup makes for a riveting and unique atmosphere for live spectators rooting for the home team, and allows longtime show jumping fans to root for riders in a revolutionary fashion. (Also, we’re pretty big fans of ditching the hunt coats for team polos!)

The team members attempt to go as clean as possible in the first two rounds, with potential for a jump-off if multiple teams jump the first two rounds clear. You can get a full description of the rules of the league here.

The full team order for the Global Champions League in Madrid is as follows: 

1. Valkenswaard United – John Whitaker & Bertram Allen

2. Doha Fursan Qatar: Bassem Mohammed and Hamad Al Attiyah

3. Cascais Charms: Andreas Kreuzer and David Will

4. Monaco Aces: Daniel Bluman and Schuyler Riley

5. Madrid In Motion: Athina Onassis and Gonzalo Anon Suarez

6. Shanghai Swans: Edwina Tops Alexander and Jessica Springsteen

7. Rome Gladiators : Laura Kraut and Laura Renwick

8. Antwerp Diamonds: Harrie Smolders and Audrey Coulter

9. Cannes Stars: Marco Kutscher and Roger-Yves Bost

10. Miami Glory: Georgina Bloomberg and Scott Brash

11. Paris Jets: Gregory Wathelet and Olivier Philippaerts

12. Vienna Eagles : Paris Sellon and Danielle Goldstein


You can watch the live broadcast NOW at GLC TV.

Go Jumping!