Show jumper Hailey Royce is doing things at 11 years old that most people can hardly imagine doing in the peak of their career. In 2015 she was on the silver medal team at her Regional Championships and earlier this year she won the Marshall and Sterling Children’s Jumper Class in Ocala against an eye-popping 36 riders.

With the permission of the judge, Hailey recently wore a GoPro helmet cam during her ride on her own Rapidash in the $2500 Modified Child/Adult Jumper Classic, where she placed fourth.

At this same show, Hailey also took third in the $2500 NAL/WIHS Children’s Jumper Classic and won a 1.1 meter jumper class. Hailey trains with Lorrie Canady of Galway Farm in Long Grove, Illinois, and will be going into 7th grade in the fall.

Thanks for sharing, Hailey! Be sure to check out more of this rising star at her Facebook Page, and Go Jumping!