Watch: Jonathan Corrigan Jumps to a Super Smooth, Balanced WIN in the $36,600 FEI 2* Welcome Stake at Traverse City Spring

On June 19, Jonathan Corrigan took the win with Loughnavatta Indigo, galloping to victory by mere milliseconds in the lead.  He was the first FEI winner at Traverse City Spring Horse Show this year!

I love this round in particular because you can see that winning a round isn’t all about speed.   A quick time is important, but you can also visibly see Jonathan balancing his horse before the jumps and taking the turns tight yet smooth, rather than rocketing around.

Regarding his jump off strategy, Jonathan stated: “I was kind of thinking of jumping a slow clear, but I watched Samuel [Parot] go. He was quick, but I thought there were one or two areas where I could be quicker without having to run. Since I was last to go, I figured I might as well take a chance.”

Congratulations, Jonathan!  Go Jumping!

Featured photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.