WATCH: Margie Engle Master Class at GLEF to Win $50k Grand Prix

Margie Engle and Dicas. PC: Diana Hadsall Photography

The woman who made a style of “tiny lady – big horse’ is at it again: Margie Engle and Dicas were the perfect pair this weekend when they clinched the win in the $50,000  Grand Traverse Grand Prix at Great Lakes Equestrian Festival.

And boy oh boy did they deliver a master class on a cool, collected jump-off performance:

The eight-year-old Rhinelander gelding is really a magnificent specimin, and Margie is keenly aware of his role in the future, opting to win not with ferocious hell-bent fury, but through a poised, efficient round that builds confidence for the horse’s future.

“He’s a really exciting horse, I’ve had him since he was 6 years old,” says Margie. “We had him in Florida and did some of the 1.35m and 1.40m classes and then moved him up by the end of the circuit to the 1.45m. He learned a lot this summer in Spruce, finishing in the 1.50m. This is actually his first grand prix won so I was really excited. He’s such a game horse. For an 8-year-old, he has the mind of an older horse.”

Margie also took the time to provide a clear commentary on what she was thinking through the jump-off, which makes the video that much more educational:

“[Dicas] started off with a good pace to the first jump and he really came forward for me nicely to the second jump. It was easy for me to get up in the seven to leave out going down the first line, and then he caught the inside angle, which for a lot of young horses could get very confusing, and he sighted right in on the angle at the vertical and was super back on the double. He really has a good brain and is brave. Whatever you ask of him he’s willing to try. It’s a nice combination to have.”

Margie Engle and Dicas with Presenter Michael Morrisey. PC: Diana Hadsall

Margie and her marvelous string will be at GLEF for one more week before heading to Chicago and then on to Old Salem farms for the American Gold Cup.

Congratulations on your first GP win with Dicas, and we look forward to the future with this one!

Go Margie, and Go Jumping.