Thunderbird Park in British Columbia Canada is pulling out all the stops to host the next leg of the Furusiyya Nation’s Cup event, which opens a month from today. The event is going to be spectacularly gripping, as the United States and Mexico are vying for the win in the division, and Canada is still in the hunt to play spoiler and qualify for the Nations Cup Final in Barcelona Spain in September.

Standings in North and Central America and Caribbean League after second leg in Coapexpan (MEX):

1.    Mexico                         190
2.    USA                             180
3.    Canada                        145
4.    El Salvador                  45

Thunderbird Show Park has hosted the event before to rave reviews, and is considered the horse capital of British Columbia. They hold six major Hunter and Jumper tournaments year, as well as a variety of other equine events.


The event will be available to watch on FEI-TV, and we’ll be bring you all the highlights here at Jumper Nation, so be sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram!

Go Jumping.