Watch: Oliver Rolfe Takes Us Back to Our Roots, Presented by Back Gate

Sometimes, we can get sucked into the world of giant, colorful show jumps with liverpools the size of Lake Michigan, or the big international derbies, with imposing walls.  But, there’s another ring out there that is sometimes forgotten.  Even I am sometimes guilty of forgetting that there’s a place where many of us all have roots.  (And for some of us, maybe we started riding as adults and didn’t have a short stirrup or a junior career — I personally didn’t show until I was in my late twenties!)  It’s a ring that doesn’t get a lot of attention but still is full of budding talent.

What’s that ring?  You guessed it…the short stirrup ring!  Check out Oliver Rolfe of Our Day Farm totally beasting it around this short stirrup course at HITS Chicago’s Equifest show.  He’s got his absolute focus on getting his pony over the jump and there’s no stopping him — wishing I could channel that confidence half the time I’m doing a round!

Go Oliver! Go Ponies! Go Jumping!

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