WATCH: Paige Matthies and Blurred Lines Rock WIHS Eq at Great Lakes

Paige Matthies and Don Stewart’s Blurred Lines had a terrific trip around the equitation jumper course at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival to score the championships in the WIHS class, and GLEF has kindly shared a glimpse of their winning round along with Paige’s commentary.

“I got him in December of last year. He is an amazing equitation horse. He has a ton of experience and he’s perfect for me because he’s the right ride. He needs enough leg and enough hand that I don’t feel like I have to use too much at any one time. He’s also nice because he’s been to all the finals, which is great because my other horse Conto Blue, who I own, is less experienced, more green to the equitation, so it’s nice to have both of those rides.”

On how she thinks she was able to edge the stiff competition, Paige remarked:

“My horse has a very large stride so everything is very smooth, I get down the lines easily, and I have the ability on him to make everything match. He’s so smooth and comfortable – it makes everything feel as good as it looks.”

Congratulations on your big win, Paige, and we hope to see more of you at WIHS later this year!

Go Jumping.