Weekly Sales Circuit: High Performance Chestnut Mares

Whether you’re currently in the market for a new horse, casually thinking about your next partner, or creating a wish list of your dream horses, read on for some horses for sale that we love.  These horses are from Maryland, Illinois, and Canada.

There’s something about a chestnut mare.  It can sometimes be hard to win a mare over, but once you’ve established a good, working relationship, she’ll be loyal to you until the end of days.  That loyalty coupled with the fiery personality that often comes with this bright color lends to a superstar, like these mares who are at the top of their game!

What horse would you add to your shopping list?  Click on each horse’s photo to be taken directly to view their listing in further detail. 


2010 17.0h Dutch Warmblood mare. Sired by Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve. Easy and uncomplicated, requiring no show prep, this horse knows her job.  Ready for any professional to compete FEI or to bring junior/amateur riders up through the ranks. No soundness issues, no vices, clean X-rays, and receives no injections. Safe and easy to handle. High performance mare at the peak of her career.

Shiraz II

2009 17.0h Belgian Warmblood mare. Has jumped 1.55m internationally. She was imported to the US in March. She has a lovely character, huge step, huge scope, and is easy enough for the lower levels. Shiraz is very brave, fast, and careful, but very forgiving with mistakes. She will be competitive at most any level. A nice opportunity for someone to learn to jump bigger and climb the levels.

Hicksteads Curtain Call

2012 16.0h Dutch Warmblood mare. Brave and careful jumper suitable for an amateur. Will jump the open water. Could be a fun hunter derby horse as well.

Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in these sale listings. We always recommend consulting your trainer and conducting a pre-purchase exam.

Go Jumping!